Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Springs forward!

Well at long last we've taken a leap into Spring that magical time of year where after all the cold and snow mother earth renews herself in full colour.
The week has been quite warm with temperatures up to 18 degrees C with loads of sunshine and mobile ice cream vans making their appearance.Heck people have been seen sans coats and even wearing shorts!!!Not that unto a few days ago I saw any of as I was suffering from a four and bit day long severe migraine that saw me in bed with the curtains drawn as the light was really bothering me. I've had this since I was a kid so I know the drill of by heart.Anyway I was out for two days yesterday to visit our market town to visit the news store to collect my anime magazine although I ended up buying some books too and today visiting the Post Office locally to return a defective record so I get a full refund having tracked down a replacement copy.
The towns market yesterday was actually very busy with a coachload of tourists and some foreign exchange students trying to get the answers to a questionnaire filled out in the blazing sun coupled with folk musicians playing and the market store holders calling out their wares.
Today was a bit busy here - in few weeks time the narrow boat season starts so we get our tourists - and noticing the daffodils were out planted by local volunteers, took this picture of them by a patch of common ground.

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