Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bloomin' great!

Well it may surprise you to know I just love flower displays whither or not they are table displays like the one shown that you have especially if you had guest come on over and you were setting your table to serve them a meal or the sorts of displays we may have in our front rooms or even bedrooms.
It's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is but somehow it just looks that much better and in the case of front rooms and bedrooms very relaxing to gaze upon them as they give you this sense of calm.
You can of course buy them ready made up but any local florist should be able to supply with with freshly cut flowers and the feed that you really need to add to the water to keep them fresh for a week or two.
For bedrooms though there is a good alternative especially if you suffer from pollen allergies and that is silk flowers that these days are very realistic in their texture which can be easily arranged into small containers.
I re-used a pop bottle - a Britvic orange actually - after removing the labels as a vase and it was very effective so you see it can be done on a low budget!

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