Sunday, 22 May 2011


It's funny isn't it every so often you'll bump into a similar situation to that that is illustrated whither or not it is so-called real life or in various boards or chat rooms.
Someone will stomp their feet and say "I was lied to" and not let up for ages making everyones life a misery and yet it may transpire they weren't really lied to so much as they swallowed uncritically a myth or someones joke as if it were for real even if it was kinda obvious it could never be so.
Equally others seem to take pleasure in accusing others of doing things they never did such as spreading rumours about them just because they're either feeling down in the dumps or lack self confidence and wish to pin it on something else.
It just leads to an awkwardness around a group that is just no fun to be with.

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Jess said...

Peole are funny things, aren't they? Ultimately our responses are emotional, and thus unpredictable. It's a nuisance sometimes, but breaks the monotony of life.