Saturday, 21 May 2011

Piano Man

I've recently taken stock of a couple of specialty label cds from Mobile fidelity (Mofi) of Chicago, Ill. by the singer-songwriter Billy Joel whose songs were a part of my childhood growing up with on tape and on the radio.
In so far as most Britons are concerned he kinda came to notice during Elton (John's) unavailability late 77, Early '78 but actually Billy goes back much further than that to the outfit known as "The Hassels" in New Jersey who performed in a hard rock style but shortly afterward he left and took to playing bars and thru this, established a contract with Columbia Records (or CBS to Brits!) which led to his debut album album Cold Spring Harbour being issued.

Piano Man which remains one of the finest albums by a contemporary rock artist taking his observations on NJ life including the controversial Captain Jack that tackles drug abuse . As well it is worth noting it is clearly influenced by Elton's Tumbleweed Connection as well as having a Western theme running thru it.

Piano Man is a fictionalized account of his own story working the bars, trying earn a dollar.
Turnstiles was the next one up and was the second just issued by Mofi which features New York state of Mind in it's original mix rather than the remix used for all previous cd versions as well as Miami 2017 and the epic Say Goodbye To Hollywood.
These discs do sound quiet amazing with natural piano tone and wide dynamics.

Earlier on I did get the Audio Fidelity 2010 issue of Glass Houses as I only had the 1998 MiniDisc version as remastered by Ted Jensen that features the smash hit 'It's Still Rock and Roll (to me) '. This version has greater dynamics and a smoother, more detailed sound to it. I didn't like the AF 52nd Street - too muddy- electing to stay with my 1994 Sony Mastersounds disc.

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