Thursday, 28 May 2015


Well this week was a bit better overall with the weather so I did get some photography done on Tuesday and just have to finish the roll off ready for developing which given there isn't a local to me lab will involve mailing to Fuji's UK lab in Lancashire.
When we had a local Jessops in dreary post heavy industrial Stoke on Trent, although they didn't have a mini-lab, they had Monday Through Saturday deliveries from Jessops own national lab and often the turn around was 36 to 48 hours which was convenient, they stocked film and camera gear being part of huge Leicester based photo chain so I'd drop them off, do some shopping in the City Centre and return in a couple of days time, picking them up and buying stuff from the store.  Simples.
In 2015 life ain't like that as only few stores survive following  going into Administration a few years back and ours isn't one of them. 
Equally the local branch of a well known Nottingham based Chemist no longer offers a store based development service and not even sure if Welsby's, a independent small photo store in my town do any longer.
So it's gonna take time to see the results but I really enjoyed using my film based photographic equipment

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