Thursday, 21 May 2015

You ain't goin' nowhere

Some week this turned to be.

I had planned to get some photography done this week but all we had is heavy persistent rain coupled with gloom which really isn't conducive toward it at all and I'm not that keen on still life photography, like pictures of models, coins and so on although I understand some love it.
As good as it got was testing out this Tamron Adaptall 300mm longish telephoto that was supposed to have been mounted to the ancient M42 screw fitting but came ready mounted for Olympus OM so I have a spare mount now as I'd bought one of my own to fit!
For what I paid for it it's an absolute bargain as the marque version sells for 4 times or more from what I'd paid for it, which only is slightly faster than this weighs 1.1 kilograms!
That kind of weight is something you'd sure know you're carrying in your camera bag!!!
The other side  of this weather is having to rub down Marmalade as he comes in from his outdoor escapades with towel demanding yet more food and the prime spot in front of the gas fire.

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