Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pre flyte check

After all the drama following the Election, I decided to get back to doing something more agreeable namely sorting out my camera equipment.
One of the first thing I do is check on the condition of the button cell batteries used in the Camera body and replace if I'm in any doubt as to how much power is left in them and then check the camera's shutter fires up properly as sometimes the magnets used to control it seize up.
I then take a lens and check that the cameras meter is reading the light correctly selecting a appropriate shutter speed for the aperture setting on the lens.
If that's okay, I spend some time carefully cleaning with lens paper, every lens and filter so there is no 'filmy' build up on the front and rear of the lens so image will be as clear as possible.
It also gives me the chance to check the lens operates smoothly and no lens has gone Awl since I last used it.
Talking about lenses I did buy a longish telephoto lens as I noticed I was lacking a 300mm one that is useful for wildlife, sport and scenic pictures so I picked a older but good Tamron one and a mount to use it on my camera.
I think I now have enough lenses to cover my photographic needs. 

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Colleen Donovan said...

Have fun enjoying the longer lens and mount Caroline!