Wednesday, 20 January 2010


USB sticks. Don'tcha just love them?
Well I did but one drove me crazy last night as the model concerned a 4GB HP branded one corrupted an entire picture album and about 12 others which would of been annoying enough but when you put a lot of time into making the photo opportunity happen is really meh!
What made things more worrying was I'd deleted the pictures on the camera- an aged Pentax 230 that while not as well specified as my Canon Powershot470 does offer a flip to the front display and more intuitive access for the self timer - so that days shot was potentially lost.
Luckily Jess answered a request for practical help suggesting using a recovery program for the cameras CF card (things are not so much deleted permanently as made inaccessible) and putting that on the computer. Eventually I managed it.
All I have to do now is load a newer version of Photosuite (V5) onto the PC as the C:My Documents and Folders photoshop master album has become corrupted and says it won't save although you can save to and from the desktop. And as it said as Photoshop 4 SE existed it wouldn't let me re-install the program from disc!
I'll get a San Disk replacement USB stick later on.

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Anna Arendt said...

That's cool. I'm a techno muppet with a low boredom threshold. I had been told about those recovery things, but never tried one.

I use Photosuite and photoshop elements too. I got photosuite with a magazine, so it#s pretty old now -LoL.