Sunday, 31 January 2010


Well wouldn't you know it it's back to winter and the snow today?
Well time to talk skin care eh?
I use Simple's light moisturizer available from drugstores like Boots as I've sensitive skin. Because it's free from fragrances and harsh ingredients it doesn't irritate me but it has stuff in their to repair my skin from such things as the weather and the Big Grinder (aka the shaver!) leaving the face feeling much smoother.
I also keep some Atrexia cream on me in the Kitty Bag for my hands although I use a bit on my legs after doing them.
What you use is pretty much your choice here but I think it's worth saying using some does pay dividends in terms of your appearance and how you feel about you.
God know enough of us have issues around that so we might as well make better those aspects we can.

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