Friday, 22 January 2010

The Doobie Bros on Mofi

Recently one of Americas greatest rock bands from the 70's The Doobie Brothers had a couple of their albums re-issued as a hybrid SACD and regular cd layered disc by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (Mofi) in Chicago USA.They are playable on all machines.

This title first released in 1972 features the tracks Jesus Is Just Alright, Rockin' Down Highway and Listen To The Music perhaps the best example ever of FM rock from the 70's with smooth vocals and first class musicianship this side of Steely Dan.

This album issued March 1973 is a long term favourite of mine having gone through 8 track tape, record (West German pressing) and the regular CD issued in the 90's.
It's an eclectic mix of hard rock, folk and soul that somehow just gels together seamlessly.Some even say it's their best studio album ever.
Amongst the eleven tracks it contains, Without You, China Grove and Long Train Running are the stand outs.

Presentation wise Mofi have gone for a mini lp style replicating much of the look of the original lp sleeves, put in a soft cd sleeve to keep it clean and the card sleeve is very tactile.
As for sound frankly I haven't heard these albums sound better in decades thanks to Rob LeVerde's work on carefully transferring the original analogue tapes to digital with very little noise and no digital glare or harshness creeping in.Strongly recommended.

Taking It To The Streets was originally issued in 1976 and this version came out in May 2010 on Mofi sounding bolder than ever although unlike the 2006 JPN edition it only has monochrome pictures for the gatefold.

In 2013 Stampede originally issued in 1975 was released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and interestingly the original CD4 discrete quadraphonic mixes issues for all four albums have never had a commercial release not withstanding HD media such as sacd and dvd/blu-ray Audio have the capability and the capacity for it.

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